Large Capacity Furnaces to 1200ºC

LF range to 1200°C.

  • 4 Standard models
  • Economical and fast heat up
  • Free radiating wire heating elements
  • Efficient low thermal mass insulation
  • Microprocessor based digital control
  • Side hinged or vertically lifting door option
  • Full width stainless steel work shelf
  • Door operated safety power cut-off
  • Independent over heat protection option


The exterior is constructed from a heavy gauge steel angle framework with sheet panels finished in hammer blue paintwork.

The furnace lining consists of high efficiency graded low thermal mass insulation and refractory materials. Refractory brickwork provides a hardened surface to the chamber entrance and solid support for the hard wearing removable tiles that form the furnace hearth. Double wall case construction together with ventilation fan ensures that the furnace casing and door remain relatively cool.

The door affords obstruction free access to the work chamber. A selection of different door types are available (vertically lifting type illustrated).

Heating: The heating elements are high quality free radiating wire spirals supported on each side of the furnace work chamber, for temperature uniformity and thermal efficiency. Power to the heating elements is controlled by solid state relays for accuracy and reliability.

Controls: The controls are below the furnace body and set an angle for ease of vision. A microprocessor based digital temperature controller with set-point and process displays, provides accurate fully automatic control. An adjustable independent digital over-temperature controller is fitted as standard. Controls include thermocouple break protection.

Larger versions can be made to order. Options include: alternative models of temperature controls / programmers / recorders / communications / timers / floor stands / chimneys / inert gas connections etc.

Model No. Max
Chamber mm
H   x   W   x   D
External Dimensions mm
H*   x   W   x   D
400 Volts AC.
LF1 1200 350 x 400 x 600 84 1300 x 1180 x 1100 15 kW
LF2 1200 500 x 500 x 500 125 1450 x 1280 x 1000 18 kW
LF3 1200 400 x 500 x 1200 240 1350 x 1280 x 1700 27 kW
LF4 1200 500 x 800 x 1250 500 1450 x 1580 x 1750 42 kW

* Excluding door weights

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