High Temperature Bottom Loading Furnaces 1400ºC. – 1600ºC.

BL14 range to 1400°C, BL15 range to 1500°C, BL16 range to 1600°C

  • 6 Standard models
  • Economical and fast heat up
  • Silicon carbide heating elements
  • Efficient Low thermal mass insulation
  • Microprocessor based digital control
  • Safe vertically lifting loading platform
  • Uniform heating zone
  • Door operated safety power cut-off
  • Independent over heat protection


Designed for safety and ease of loading and unloading from the furnace chamber. Larger versions can be made to order.

The furnace is for floor mounting and constructed using a robust welded framework finished in black with coloured panels. A ventilated double skin construction ensures that the furnace casing remains relatively cool. The furnace lining consists of high efficiency graded low thermal insulation material with a hard wearing removable hearth tile.

The vertically lifting hearth is moved in and out of the work chamber by a foot operated jacking system, or as an option, by a push button electrically operated lifting system.

Heating: The heating elements are silicon carbide rods mounted vertically and symmetrically in a cavity around the work chamber. The element connections are forced cooled for extended life. Heating elements can be quickly and easily replaced should this become necessary. Power to the heating elements is controlled by solid state relays for accuracy and reliability.

Controls: The controls are in the cabinet below the furnace chamber and set an angle for ease of vision. A microprocessor based digital temperature controller with set-point and process displays, provides accurate fully automatic control. An adjustable independent digital over-temperature controller is fitted as standard. Controls include thermocouple break protection.

Model No Max Temp °C Chamber Dimensions mm H   x Dia. External Dimensions mm H   x W   x   D Weight kg Power 230V kW
BL14/1 1400 150 x 150 1750 x 650 x 650 160 3
BL14/2 1400 180 x 180 1750 x 700 x 700 180 6
BL15/1 1500 150 x 150 1750 x 700 x 700 180 4
BL15/2 1500 180 x 180 1750 x 750 x 750 200 7
BL16/1 1600 150 x 150 1750 x 700 x 700 180 4
BL16/2 1600 180 x 180 1750 x 750 x 750 200 7

Options include: alternative models of temperature controls / programmers / recorders / communications / and timers etc.

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