Bench Top Ovens to 650ºC

`A  Range` to 650°C.

  • 3 Standard models
  • Safe, simple and economical to use
  • Air circulation for temperature uniformity
  • Efficient low thermal mass insulation
  • Microprocessor based digital control
  • Inconel sheathed heating elements
  • Door operated safety power cut-off
  • Independent over heat protection option
  • 700°C temperature option


`A range` ovens have a ventilated `heat box` located in a sheet steel outer casing attractively finished in blue paintwork with a black door surround and instrument panel.

The oven lining consists of high efficiency graded low thermal mass insulation to reduce energy consumption. Double wall case construction and ventilation fan ensures that the oven casing and door remain relatively cool even when the oven is at high temperatures. The chamber is stainless steel lined, and has a supported floor.

The vertically lifting, spring counterbalanced full width door, affords obstruction free access to the work chamber and keeps the hot face away from the operator at all times. For safety a door operated interlock turns off power to the heating elements and fan when the door is opened. An oven over-temperature protection limiter is supplied, but as an option, an independent adjustable digital over-temperature controller with trip, reset button, and independent thermocouple, can be fitted.

Heating: The heating elements are high quality inconel sheathed elements carefully positioned in ducts at each side of the oven work chamber. An air circulation fan at the rear of the oven ensures uniform temperature in the work zone. Power to the heating elements is controlled by solid state relays, for accuracy and reliability.

Controls: The controls are below the oven body and set an angle for ease of vision. A microprocessor based digital temperature controller with set-point and process displays, provides accurate fully automatic control. Controls include thermocouple break protection.

Options include: alternative models of temperature controls / programmers / recorders / communications / timers / floor stands etc.  For larger sizes see `ACF Range`.

Model No. Max
Internal Dimensions mm
H x W x D
External Dimensions mm
H x W x D
230 Volts AC
A 1 650 150 x 180 x 360 10L 610 x 495 x 820 2 kW
A 2 650 200 x 225 x 455 20L 725 x 650 x 920 3 kW
A 3 650 305 x 305 x 455 42L 825 x 650 x 920 4 kW

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